The Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group (LaWTIG)

Working together for sound waste management

About us

The Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group (L&WTIG) is an independent organisation and a subsidiary of the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA). 

Our mission

Our mission is to protect the environment of Southern Africa and its people against the adverse effects of poor waste management.

Our objectives

We’re committed to sound waste management through advocacy and educational activities that:

  • Encourage waste management practices that are both environmentally acceptable and cost effective
  • Promote the science and practice of professional waste management
  • Facilitate information sharing.

Contact us

Western Cape Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group 

Chairman: Pieter Kriel,, Tel 021 912 3000
Vice-Chairman: Paul Roux,, Tel 021 701 3569
Treasurer: Deon Stipp,, Tel 021 531 8110
Committee Members: Richard Emery, Peter Hardie, Yoav Shmulevich, Chris Wiid

KwaZulu-Natal Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest Group (LaWTIG)


Chairman: John Parkin,, 031 263 1119
Vice-Chairman: Graham Payne,, 031 265 1777
Committee Members: Download contact details


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