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Landfill 2017 Conference:

Keynote Address by Kelvin Legge

Report: IWMSA / DEA Workshop on Waste Classification and Management Regulations



Wastecon 2016 Keynote Address by Torben Kristiansen

WasteCon 2016 Conference Papers:

1. Schoonraad, JL
2. Patel, M
3. Thorpe, BK
6. Baker, M et al
8. Pienaar, RA et al
9. Assinder, PJ  et al
10. Oelofse, S et al
11. Ramukhwatho, FR et al
12. Strydom, WF et al
13. Munganga, GM et al
14. Naik, L
15. Strachan, L.J et al
16. Bhailall, S et al
17. Dookhi, AS
18. Msiza, JS et al
19. Anyasi, RO et al
20. Barnes, K et al
21. Mannie, NM et al
22. Baker, M et al
23. Möhr-Swart, M et al
25. Malan, CT
26. Moodley, L et al
27. Howard, M et al
28. Sango, T et al
29. Lyons, J et al
30. Emery, RC et al
31. McCarthy, B et al
33. Godfrey, LK
35. Dreyer, RPR et al
36. Levin, JL
37. Lavasan, A et al
38. Nolutshungu, L et al
39. Cilliers, C et al
40. Bere, S
41. Kasese, E et al
42. Smout, S et al
43. Ramsaywok, AN
44. Semenya, K et al
46. Bonstein, O et al
48. Read, AD et al
49. Breedt, AC et al
50. Roos, C
51. Oelofse, SHH et al
53. Mtshali, L et al
54. Pineo, C et al
56. Janse van Rensburg, S
58. von Maubeuge, KP et al
59. Chebet, FC et al
60. Simelane, OT
61. Johannessen, N
63. Gerstner, KGH et al
64. Komen, K et al
65. Machete, F
67. Smout, S et al
68. Pienaar, RA et al
69. Gower-Jackson, S et al
70. Taiwo, OE et al
71. Morton, GD et al
72. Chetty, T et al
73. Muswema, A et al





Landfill 2015 Conference:

1. T. McNeil
2. R. Nortje
3. J. Shamrock
4. S. Bertrand
5. P. Kriel
6. P. Assinder
7. C. Cilliers
8. B. Leeftink
9. M. Vice
10. W. Hornsey
11. S. Naidoo
12. S. Louw
13. B. Fitzke
14. C. Liebenberg
15. L. Wallace
16.  P. Govender
17. G. Arendse
18. A. Post
19. R. Relou
20. A. Taylor
21. J. Palm

1. T. McNeil
2. J. Shamrock
3. S. Bertrand
4. P. Kriel
5. P. Assinder
6. C. Cilliers
7. B. Leeftink
8. M. Vice
9. L. Moodley
10. S. Naidoo
11. S. Louw
12. B. Fitzke
13. C. Liebenberg
14. L. Wallace
15.  P. Govender
16. R. Relou
17. J. Palm


PETCO Colloquium Proceedings 


Wastecon 2012 

Wastecon 2012: Wrestling with IndWMPs: Are more than one plan per waste resource feasible? 

WasteCon papers are available on request. Please contact Gail Smit on Tel: 011-675-3462 for more information. 


Landfill 2011 Conference Papers  

Landfill Interest Group Workshop, 18 August 2011 

IWMSA –KZN Meeting, 28 July 2011 

IWMSA Award Launch, 28 July 2011

NEMWA Presentation IWMSA Breakfast Seminar, 20 July 2011

“Reclaimers - What are the Risks?” Workshop, 14 July 2011
Dr. Suzan Oelofse – CSIR: Reclaimer’s – why they are there!
Mr Frans Dekker – City of Tshwane: Lessons learnt from City of Tshwane! 
Mr Leon Grobbelaar - Interwast: What happens when things go wrong, who takes the blame? 

IWMRIG event in the Western Cape - 26 May 2011
The City Of Cape Town Integrated Waste Management By-Law 
Waste Management Licensing

“Recycling: Stepping up to the Challenges!” - 12 May 2011
Waste Plan Presentation

IWMSA 2011 Perception Survey
Research results and implications


IWMSA Presentation - 2 December 2010
Climate Change Mitigation Policy in the South African Context - What is coming and what does it mean?

LIG Seminar Presentation - 04 November 2010
The Closure and Remediation of the City of Cape Town's Waste Disposal Landfill Sites

IWMSA Breakfast Seminar - 09 September 2010 
FIFA World Cup 2010 FanFest Cape Town by Noel Johannessen
FIFA World Cup 2010 - A cleaning Success by Denver Stevens CCT
Green Goals Scored by Keith Rowland


Landfill Interest Group
Bloem Landfill
Boswell Landfill
Davies Landfill
Eden Landfill 
Emery Landfill 
Golding Landfill 
Jewaskiewitz Landfill 
Johns Landfill
Klompmaker & Partridge (Capping) Landfill 
Klopmaker & Partridge (Protection) Landfill 
Moodley, McCall, Strachan & Bowers Landfill 
Nortje, van Zyl & Fiehn Landfill 
Pailing Landfill 
Pieterse, Goldblatt & Becker Landfill 
Strachan, Robinson, Last, Payne & Wright Landfill  
Strachan, Robinson, Pass & Couth Landfill 
Tarnowski Landfill 
Welch Landfill

Additional Information: 
Bouzza Landfill Presentation
Grobbelaar & Kemp Landfill Presentation
Landfill 2007 Programme 
Project Description - Durban CDM 
Welsh Landfill Presentation

Eastern Cape Waste Conference - 19 to 21 September 2007 
Anaerobic Digestion in Developing Countries 
Biological Monitoring of Waste Management Personnel 
Cleaner Production as an Approach to Waste Minimisation 
Development of Industry Waste Management Plans
Economic Boom and Landfill Operations 
New Approach to Waste Minimisation
PET Plastic Recycling in South Africa
Recycling Used Oil - It's Easier Than You Think! 
Recycling's for Everyone
The Development of Solid Waste Transfer Stations
The Role of Co-operatives in Waste Management 
The Scourge of Illegal Dumping and Ways to Win This War
Water Monitoring of Waste Landfill Sites 
Where is Away Campaign

Paper Presentations: 
The Scourge of Illegal Dumping