KZN Waste Awards 2024


Before submitting your entry, please take a look at the Guide for Prospective Entrants here



The KZN Waste Management Awards is a biennial programme which began in 1992 as a Durban initiative. It was then re-launched in 2002 under the banner of the IWMSA KZN Branch. The programme has showcased the excellent work of many organisations in the area of waste management, and assisted others to improve on aspects through suggestions from the evaluation team.

Objectives of the Awards:

To involve all organisations in our province in thinking and acting on efficient and effective waste management. To promote best practice in waste management, and to acknowledge the achievements of organisations practising responsible and effective waste management in KwaZulu-Natal.

Who can Enter

The prestigious KZN Waste Management Awards invites industries and businesses throughout KwaZulu-Natal to enter in the various categories. The KZN Waste Management Awards recognises those “Cleaner & Greener” organisations going the extra mile to reduce their waste volumes.

It must be noted that the Awards evaluate 
your waste management practices, therefore all waste streams must have been identified and the waste management hierarchy principle applied. Whilst we do recognise organisations/ companies that are working to improve society’s environmental footprint, these Awards focus specifically at how the waste streams generated internally are managed.

Entry to the Waste Management Awards is open to all businesses falling within the below categories and located within KwaZulu-Natal. If an organization has more than one premises which operate independently, then each premises must be entered separately and will be judged independently. It is not a requirement to be a member of the IWMSA to enter. Participation in the competition is free!

·         Small General Manufacturing - Industries involved with the manufacturing of products, with a total number of employees of 250 or less

·         Large General Manufacturing - Industries involved with the manufacturing of products, with a total number of employees greater than 250

·         Service Industry - Any organisation which offers a service, e.g. retail centres, hospitality establishments, housing estates or educational institutions

Benefits to Entrants

Past entrants and winners report a wide range of benefits derived from entering the programme. These include a comprehensive waste audit; reduction in overheads; raw materials & other costs; improved efficiency and better profit margins. Recommendations are provided by the expert judges during the site visit and in a feedback letter to all entrants. Winners also receive press coverage to promote their achievements.

Each entrant will receive a certificate based on their score achieved in the audit and the certificate categories are as follows:

Bronze Certificate: 50-64%

Silver Certificate: 65-74%

Gold Certificate: Above 75% with stars:

★       75-79%
 ★ ★    

 ★ ★ ★   

 ★ ★ ★ ★  

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

The entrant in each category who receives the highest score will be awarded the Category Trophy. There are also awards for entrants excelling in specific areas:

·         Cleaner Production

·         Innovation

·         Best New Entrant

·         Individual Award

·         Team Award


Entry requirements:

All entrants must complete the entry form in the link above. Once the entries close, the judging team will contact you to arrange a suitable date for the judging visit.

To adequately prepare for the audit, the following information should be gathered (if available):

SHEQ and/or Waste Policy

Annual environmental/ waste report

Legal register

Waste contractor’s commercial contracts

Environmental licences e.g. waste management licence/ registrations, effluent discharge, air emission

Copies of waste manifest documents

Waste register or volume report

Waste classification reports

Waste training records

Incident register

Complaints register

Emergency procedure

Copy of an internal and external waste audit, if applicable

Procedures/ work instructions relating to waste

Monitoring reports e.g. sewer discharge, air emissions (if applicable)


Judging process:

Judging will consist of an on-site audit and will be conducted during August - October 2024.
The judges are professionals with vast experience in waste management.
The visit will usually take about 3-4 hours, and will cover the following aspects:

1.       Management / Organisation

2.       Training and Motivation

3.       Cleaner Production and Waste Minimisation Initiatives

4.       Waste Generation, Classification, Storage, Transport & Disposal

5.       Record Keeping

6.       Communication and Social Responsibility

7.       Visual Observation


Previous winners:

The winners of the KZN Waste Management Awards 2024 were as follows:

Small General Manufacturing     Use-IT Waste Beneficiation (Rf) Centre

Large General Manufacturing     Defy Appliances Ezakheni

Service                                      T&T Bed and Breakfast

Cleaner Production                    Barrows Design and Manufacturing

Innovation                                 Constantia Afripack (Mobeni and Pinetown)

Best New Entrant                       Defy Appliances Ezakheni

Individual Award                       Steffen Schröder, Reclite


Sponsorship opportunities still available:

The IWMSA KZN Branch is therefore seeking sponsorship to assist with the running of the KZN Waste Management Awards programme for 2024.
The various sponsorship packages are outlined


For More information please contact:

Heather Sheard
Tel:  031 109 0000