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The National Environmental Management: Waste Amendment Act (26 of 2014) defines recycling as a process where waste is reclaimed for further use, which process involves the separation of waste from a waste stream for further use and the processing of that separated material as a product or raw material

Steps Involved in the Recycling Process

  1. Collection of enough materials to make it worth going on to the next stage
  2. Transportation to a temporary storage point (drop-off or buy-back centre)
  3. Sorting, cleaning, compacting, baling and preparation of materials for sale to a recycling company or processing centre
  4. Processing of materials to a quality that makes them suitable for use as a raw material
  5. Transportation of the cleaned reclaimed material to the manufacturer
  6. Re-use of the recovered material as raw material to produce a new product
  7. Purchase of the new product made partially or wholly from recycled materials

Members of the general public are usually only involved in the first two steps, with entrepreneurs being involved in the first three steps

Benefits of Collecting Materials for Recycling

  • It saves valuable landfill space - less waste to be disposed of

  • It saves energy - making new products from recycled materials requires less energy

  • It saves natural resources - recycling reduces the demand for foreign and domestic raw materials and natural resources, e.g., fuel, trees and metals

  • Recycling existing materials can reduce manufacturing pollutants

  • Prevents littering

  • Creates a cleaner environment and reduces the negative environmental impact of waste.

  • Transporting waste uses resources and causes pollution.

  • Incorrect handling of hazardous waste can result in harm to humans, animals and the environment

  • It provides opportunities for job creation

Start Recycling

Before starting any type of collection scheme


VISIT the National Recycling Forum website

Recyclable Materials and the Contact Details for Recycling Companies



Tel no. and e-mail


Aluminium/tin-plated beverage cans

Food, aerosol and paint cans



(0)11 466 2939



Glass soft drink, beer and wine bottles

Glass food jars

The Glass Recycling Company

0861 245277



Magazines and brochures


Office paper and envelopes

Paper packaging and cardboard

Paper gift wrap/boxes

Beverage and liquid food cartons



(0)11 803 5063

Mpact Recycling

0800 022 112

Neopak Recycling 

(0)11 799 7111


Sappi ReFibre


Gauteng & North West:

(0)13 741 3378

Mpumalanga & Limpopo:

(0)13 741 3378


(0)21 550 9072

Other provinces:

(0)21 982 2296




(0)11 314 4021


0860 147 738



(0)21 531 0647

Polystyrene Packaging Council

(0)21 531 0647

SA Vinyls Association

082 444 6866


Aluminium/tin-plated aerosol cans

Aerosol Manufacturing Association of SA

(0)11 440 8704


Beverage cartons

Liquid food cartons

Tetra Pak South Africa

(0)11 570 3073

Electrical/Electronic Waste

Office and ICT equipment

Mobile phones


Fluorescent lamps/tubes

Consumer/entertainment electronics

Leisure, sports, recreational equipment

Electric and electronic tools

Automatic issuing equipment

Security & health care equipment

Small/large household appliances

e-Waste Association of SA

(0)31 535 7146


Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal

Metal Recyclers Association of SA


Used motor oil

Rose Foundation

(0)21 448 7492


Passenger car/commercial vehicle

Agricultural equipment


Industrial and lift truck

Earthmoving equipment


Other pneumatic tyres

+27 (12) 399 9871

Register for the supply of waste tyres for recycling,




Steel drums

Plastic drums

Intermediate bulk containers

South African Industrial Container Reconditioners Association

0860 72 42 72


0800 776 272 


GREASE                                            (0) 11 056 6744 


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